Overclock Q6600/video card


I am looking into overclocking my pc to a stable but safe speed for the parts...

I have the following..

CASE: Antec 1200
( all fans set to low speed) 6 case fans + 1 extra case fan


CPU: Intel Q6600 running default speed...

Temps at 1st turn on idle

CPU temp 9c
Core 1, 22c Core 2, 22c 3, 17c 4, 20c

GRAHICS CARd: Asus Geforce 260

Lastest drivers 182.50

Temp 40c
Ambinent 32c
Fan speed 40%

RAM: 4 GIG: PC3-10700-1333

Info from PC Wizard 08

RAM: BIOS setting is 7,7,7,20 clocks default

Does any one have this motherbaord cpu etc..

Know of any sites to follow etc advice what to do..

I do my best to answer any questions.

Thank you for reading.

For got to add I have VISTA 64bit

  MAJ 12:02 03 Apr 09

"to a stable but safe speed for the parts..."

You're already there, tucker1975.

This isn't really an overclocking forum, it can be a fairly involved and dangerous (for your equipment) operation, so you really should check out the many forums on the net that specialise in overclocking. You can get some good basic info here. click here

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