Outpost firewall euro or dollars to buy

  jagx400 01:13 25 Dec 04

I have just gone on the outpost firewall site to buy their firewall it is $39.00 or 39 euros, now if i do the conversion if i buy in dollars it is a lot cheaper, but I am a euro resident so I have to buy in euro's, am I being ripped off just cuz I dont live in the states, sorry outpost you just lost a customer

  Forum Editor 01:40 25 Dec 04

just cuz I dont live in the states?"

Well, whichever way you look at it you don't live in the States, so there's not much point in whingeing is there? If you want the software you'll have to pay the price Agnitum asks, or go without an excellent firewall. If you buy in euros your bank will charge you a conversion fee on the transaction anyway. The figures you quote would both be subject to VAT, which would bring the total price to EUR 45.94

Buy from the British site for £34.99 (inc VAT)

  JIM 02:04 25 Dec 04

still burning the midnight oil? Good to see your still on form even on Christmas day. ;)

Merry Christmas to you FE and of course you to jagx400.

  jagx400 09:03 25 Dec 04

thanks for the to the point reply FE I am not "whinging" as you put it, I am making a point as to why the price difference, oh and merry Christmas

  Forum Editor 09:54 25 Dec 04

sounded a little harsh jagx400, but this software price differential thing is very common. We may complain, but if we don't live in America there's little we can do, apart from not buy the products of course.

Merry Christmas to you, too.

  jagx400 10:00 25 Dec 04

I have decided to use consumer power and buy the opposition just purchasing ZA pro as we speak. Having just been to the States it does annoy when you see the price differences on just about everything, but as you say we dont live there and there is little we can do, a few more whinges might help though :-)

  beeuuem 14:05 25 Dec 04

The price difference is annoying. The Agnitum US site is offering free lifetime upgrades although the price is about £39-00.

"Special Christmas Offer! Get Outpost Lifetime upgrades for FREE!

Anyone who purchases Outpost Firewall Pro from December 20th through January 10th will get Lifetime Upgrades, free of charge. This would save annual spending of 19.95 for future upgrades of Outpost protection."

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