OutlookExpress Spell Checker

  SAM BARN 19:01 25 Jan 03

Say Guys,
My OE spellcheck is always disabled????

Anyone know how to 'bring it to life'please?????

  beeuuem 19:16 25 Jan 03

Please define disabled, do you mean 'greyed out'?
Normally OE uses the spellchecker from MS Word.Do you have/use Word?

  SAM BARN 20:03 25 Jan 03

Yes, the spellcheck is ALWAYS 'greyed out' for me???

I do not use MS WORD. I use 'Lotus Smartsuite'for my word processor.

This is the reason then???

I have used Smartsuite for many years now, I feel sure that Outlook's spell check USED to work for me?????

  Stuartli 20:37 25 Jan 03

Offical ruling:

Outlook Express uses the spelling checker provided with the following Microsoft Office programs: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint. If you do not have one of these programs installed, the Spelling command is not available.

There are several threads on this subject, some of which suggest alternative methods of acquiring a spell checker.

  Newuser2 20:51 25 Jan 03

Sam I've got Lotus smartsuite & the spellchecker in outlook express was always greyed out.
I've just download a spellchecker from spellchecker.com it cost $14.95 (about £10).
It works fine.
You can download a trail version for I think it's 25 days use free but then you have to unistall or buy it.

  kimjhon 21:34 25 Jan 03

S/check in OE OK with MS Works Suite for me.

However, go here for free Free Spell.
Good in all apps. Even Wirks here - if you use it.

click here

  Andsome 23:18 25 Jan 03

I noticed that spell check was not available in Outlook Express untill Office 2000 was installed. However having just started to use a new computer with XP instead of 98SE, I noticed right away that with XP the spell check is operative in Outlook Express BEFORE the installation of Office.

  SAM BARN 09:57 26 Jan 03

Say, thanks here you guys for all this info.

I have been struggling for ages with this problem. Whilst the problem has not been solved in the way that I had hoped, it HAS been solved in a different way.

At least I KNOW now WHY it won't work. This is great guys.....really do appreciate your help here.

I am going to mark this thread as solved for me.

Can't express enough just how greatful I am here.

Carry on the good work guys.

Oh, an' thanks for the leads to the Spell Checkers too. really GOOD ON YER!

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