Outlook2010 - data file locations

  Mr. Chips 10:39 AM 06 Aug 12

Having had a motherboard meltdown on my XP desktop PC I am now using a Windows7 laptop, but want to keep my data on a RAID system on the network.

I can't find any way of telling Outlook2010 to locate my data files, (I think there are three of them), into another file location.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

  Pine Man 10:54 AM 06 Aug 12

I don't know much about raid BUT there is a Microsoft addin for Outlook 2010 called Outlook Backup Addin that will automatically create a backup of your Outlook files in any location you want at whatever frequency you set it for.

  Woolwell 12:00 PM 06 Aug 12

This will help MS Support

  Mr. Chips 12:33 PM 06 Aug 12

Many Thanks Pine Man,

I had a look around and couldn't find something that caught my imagination. I will keep my mind open for future Add In opportunities though!

Woolwell. I followed your link and, although it states that it doesn't support Network drives, it was quite happy to work with my Mapped RAID system.

So, I think, that with your help, I am there

Thank you ... both of you, for your time and assistance.


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