Outlook will not send my emails

  Kent.B 20:57 22 Oct 07

When sending or answering emails from outlook I instantly get an "Undeliverable" mail back. It happens so fast it must happen before any attempt has been done by PC to connect to any server externally. Two reasons are given for the failure: "Relay access denied" & "receipient address rejected: Access denied".
When I copy the contents and send it as a new mail from outlook express the mail gets sent.

I have Windows XP Pro. TalkTalk broadband - but it can't be the provider. must be in my PC. I have AVG antivirus. Switching off e-mail scanner made no difference.

Any ideas?

  Clapton is God 21:08 22 Oct 07

You say that you can't send from Outlook but can send OK from OE.

However, if you have both Outlook and OE installed on a PC you must select one or the other as the default mail handler.

Seems to me that OE is set up as your default but Outlook isn't actually set up to handle mail - hence it won't send for you.

  Kent.B 20:21 23 Oct 07

Sorry, that was not it.
Outlook is the default.

I recently reinstalled XP, but it has not been a 100% since. Have had troubles getting network up and for a while the screen would not go to standby. Maybe I should just reinstall it again.

  Clapton is God 20:26 23 Oct 07

"Outlook is the default".

And have you set up the POP and SMTP settings correctly as advised by your ISP?.

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