outlook vs outlook express

  jaide 15:29 24 Jul 06

A simple problem. My desktop has office 2003 and outlook 2003. My laptop has works (8) I think and I have to use outlook express.
Because of this I can't seem to transfer the outlook address book to the laptop outlook express.

Q1. Is there a siple way of doing this (emphasis on simple)
Q2 Is there an inexpensive way of updating the laptop to outlook 2003?

It would seem to me that the answer to either of these questions would solve my problem

Thanks in advance

  MAJ 15:42 24 Jul 06

Q1. click here then import to Outlook Express.

Q2. The cheapest way is to buy the Student edition of MS Office. click here

  jaide 16:14 24 Jul 06

Thanks MAJ
Couldn't open your second link
Is there a retailer you'd recommend for the student (at 66) version?

  jaide 16:16 24 Jul 06

Sorry MAJ it has now opened.

  MAJ 16:27 24 Jul 06

Hi jaide, I like Scan or Ebuyer, they are both quite good and inexpensive. click here
click here

  jaide 19:42 24 Jul 06

Thanks Maj, I will give them a look at.
Your first recommend was very good. May go that route.

We travel from here - Spain - to UK on Wednesday with said laptop so you can see why I need the fix.

I haven't got far with the transfer of the .msg files. Still working on that.

Thanks again

  MAJ 21:03 24 Jul 06

When Exported from Outlook it will be a .csv file, jaide. Go to Outlook Express > File > Import > Other Address Book, choose "Text File (Comma Separated Values), click Import, browse for the .CSV file you just exported from Outlook 2003, select it and click Open then click Next. Select the fields you want to import and click Finish.

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