Outlook and vanishing emails

  exdragon 10:18 24 May 11

Hi - I'm using Outlook 2003 and was speaking to my bank in order to get my security details reset. The girl sent me an email, which I saw arrive, along with 2 or 3 others - then they all vanished. She sent it again but I wasn't quick enough to select it before it too disappeared.

Not in the junk box and when I did a search for what she told me was the 'From' address - no trace in any folders. I sent myself a couple of test messages which arrived, and I don't have a black list set up. I've also received emails from the bank recently.

When I checked the laptop, they were all there.

Does anyone know if I've reset something somewhere?

  Graphicool1 12:28 24 May 11

Check the 'inbox' and see if the latest emails are at the top? You may have clicked on the 'Received' header by accident, making the last emails come in at the bottom of the list and not be showing.

  exdragon 12:40 24 May 11

They are sorted by date, latest on top. I did a search for them, but no trace.

I'll try a reboot just in case! Well, you never know, do you?

  Graphicool1 12:49 24 May 11

You don't by chance have more than one email client, of which none are set to 'Default' do you? I had four at one time, when I was testing them to see which was best?

If this is the first time anything like this has happened? Perhaps it's more by way of something the sender is doing, rather than you or your email client.

  Woolwell 13:23 24 May 11

Assume that you have looked in the deleted folder.

What anti-virus do you have?

"When I checked the laptop, they were all there." - Different system? If so the laptop may have downloaded them and not on to the pc. Are they present with webmail?

  wee eddie 13:52 24 May 11

I'm no expert but reading what you have said suggests that your PC and Laptop were both on-line at the same time.

It strikes me that your e-Mails, initially, downloaded to the PC and were then forwarded directly to the Laptop. Now the mechanism for this, I've never set it up as I didn't use my laptop to access e-Mail, is I believe a comparatively simple part of Outlook.

  exdragon 18:11 24 May 11

Thanks for the replies. The laptop wasn't on until I had the sudden thought that they might be there. I've got Outlook 2003 on the desktop and Live Mail on the laptop - never had any problems until this morning!

I did try a post here earlier to say that the notification timed at 12.28 had arrived in the laptop but not the desktop, but I had the 'Wait' button but I gave up waiting. I see Graphicool1's email is now visible on the desktop, but his is the only notification I've got.

I received other emails (from myself and a friend) with no problem, so I guess it's yet another one of life's little mysteries.

A glass of wine may help....

  Woolwell 18:13 24 May 11

Are you leaving a copy of the e-mail on the server? If not, if using POP, you will end up with some e-mails on the desktop and some on the laptop

  exdragon 22:40 24 May 11

Yes,leaving them on the server in both cases. Seems odd that only selected emails go astray, while others don't.

  exdragon 08:50 25 May 11

It's still going on - almost as if what is thought to be junk is automatically being deleted. The three yesterday from Halifax have now been joined by a (genuine) one from PayPal.

I'm using Kaspersky IS 11 and have scoured it to see if I can find a setting which deletes what it considers to be spam, but can't find anything.

I need to keep the laptop on to see if I get any replies to this problem!

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