Outlook v. Outlook Express

  Yimbo 03 May 11

I've just installed MS Office Professional Plus 2010. That's OK. But clicking on my desktop icon for Outlook Express, brings up a window for setting up Outlook.

I'm reluctant to proceed in case I lose all my emails, addresses etc presently in Express. What will happen to them if I choose to go down the Outlook road?

Or, perish the thought, have my OE emails etc already been deleted during the Office 2010 installation?

  onthelimit1 03 May 11

From the horse's mouth

link text

  Muergo 03 May 11

"Do not fret my friend" (Danny Kaye)!

When I changed from Outlook Express to Windows Live AND Thunderbird (I run both) I found all the OE E-mails safely in store and they automatically carried over. They will have been kept in OE backup which you can get the route to it by Googling it up or you will soon find someone better than me to tell you how to retrive them, but they survived moving computers and changing to W7 so you will be OK

  Yimbo 03 May 11

onthelimit1 - I looked into "the horse's mouth", and things are OK now!

Muergo - You have re-assured me by your comments and advice!

My thanks to you both!

  wee eddie 03 May 11

Only one trouble with Outlook!

Once you've entered your Contacts (and their details) you are sucked in for life, because there's no way that any other, comparable, Software can make head nor tail of them, so you have to buy Microsoft Office (and not the cheapest version either) again and again.

Having said that, I've been using Outlook for about 14 years and have had, almost, no problems with it.

  Woolwell 03 May 11

wee eddie

You can export contact details as csv file and then import into another program or Google mail. I have done this successfully with Thunderbird and with Google mail.

  wee eddie 03 May 11

As far as I know, all you can transfer is the e-mail addresses and the telephone Numbers. None of the rest of the details that Outlook stores.

  Yimbo 03 May 11

So, all in all, folks - I'd be better off just sticking to Express?? After all, it works OK for me!

  wee eddie 03 May 11

Outlook is more than just e-mails and a simple calender + it's on your PC. Not available to whoever, next, hacks into M$'s Servers.

I'll stick with Outlook even though I have to Update M$ Office every 5 years or so.

  Woolwell 03 May 11

Outlook is a much better program with anti-spam (called junk) built in.

You can export addresses as well as e-mail details. I've done it.

Outlook will take a bit of getting used to. If you're happy then you may as well stay with Outlook Express.

  john bunyan 03 May 11

Woolwell_I think Outlook Express is incompatable with W7


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