outlook speed and search capability

  rsturbo 10 Jun 12

hi i have a lot of emails and sub folders on outlook 2007. but its slow! VERY slow. i know there are issues with 2007 slowness is 2010 quicker to open and also capable of in thread searches. or even better ability to type subject or name in search box and see all relevent conversations? similar to how iphone works?

thanks for any help

  Woolwell 10 Jun 12

I don't find Outlook 2007 to be slow but I have ample RAM. Try archiving some of them and they may benefit from compacting MS Support.

Outlook 2007 doesn't really do conversations but if you click on from at the top of the viewing pane then it will group all messages from a particular e-mail address together but this doesn't give replies too. There is a work round see Mimic Outlook 2010.

I find that if I type a name or part of a subject in the search box then it will indicate those message that contain the name, subject or even part of the text by highlighting or grouping messages together. The instant search is reasonably good Instant search and can be configured. by using the drop down arrow to the right of the search box.

  rsturbo 12 Jun 12

thanks for answer, is outlook 2010 more suitable?

  Woolwell 12 Jun 12

Don't know as I haven't got Outlook 2010 - too expensive for me at the moment.


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