Outlook 'Send' problem

  BarneyBimble 12:24 21 Dec 06

I've recently developed a problem with my mail in Outlook 2003. Although there is nothing in my Outbox I can see that in the bottom right hand corner of the toolbar that Outlook is trying to send 1 of 3 messages. I can't find these messages anywhere and it's stopping me sending mail. I can, however, receive, albeit slowly.

I have been working on a clients site and accessing my email through my own companies ISP without any problems for months now.

I've tried disabling the 'send' function associated with my other accounts (Send/Receive - Send Receive Functions) but that didn't help.

Any ideas before the laptop goes through the window?

  Kate B 13:05 21 Dec 06

I had that problem - I fixed it with doing a repair install of Office. You'll need your Office CD to do it.

  recap 13:10 21 Dec 06

Office XP SP3 may resolve the problem. click here to download Office SP3, scroll to the Popular Download section.

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