Outlook send issue

  bamfiesler 13 Jun 11

I have a new laptop - my first, after years of towers! - and I have it away from home at the moment. Whilst I can connect onto the hotel's network and surf the web, I only seem to be able to receive incoming mail on Outlook 2010 but not able to send. Any reason for this, like hotels server blocking or is it to do with my home settings? Baffled.

  Sea Urchin 13 Jun 11

You will need to change the outgoing server settings to those of the hotel - they should tell you what they are

  Woolwell 13 Jun 11

Personally I find it easier to use webmail when away from home otherwise you always have to find out what the smtp, etc settings are and then change them back again.

  onthelimit1 13 Jun 11

Woolwell - I agree - I set up a Gmail acct for just that purpose - use it anywhere.

  Taff™ 14 Jun 11

There are two immediate alternatives. The first (Sea Urchin Option) is to change the outgoing SMTP server temporarily - doesn`t take a minute. Second is also as suggested but log into your own e-mail providers web based server and view your e-mails from there.

The problem with the second option is that when you get home and download all the e-mails you have to remember which one's you`ve replied to because those replies will remain on the web based servers. (You could however copy yourself on those replies which means they will be downloaded to your computer as separate e-mails)

There may be a third option which is to use your own domain names SMTP server. This will only work if the Hotel`s ISP allows this as it is a potential spamming method.

  bamfiesler 14 Jun 11

Ok, thanks guys. Thought it was smtp issue. May as well just use the webmail part of it. Thax to all who responded.

  Woolwell 14 Jun 11

The solution to Taff™'s problem is to move to imap from pop. You will then have all the inboxes and sent folders coordinated and able to be viewed on any pc/smartphone etc.


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