Outlook - rx emails twice!

  wotbus@ 17:46 22 Jun 07

A friend is getting his emails twice (duplicates). I know nothing about Outlook so I can't help - anyone any idea's please?

  wotbus@ 17:50 22 Jun 07

Should have searched first - duhhhhh.
click here
I imagine there is a box somewhere which when ticked says "Delete from server after/when downloading"?
Would that be in Outlook or the particular webmail setup?

  wotbus@ 21:03 22 Jun 07


  wotbus@ 10:35 23 Jun 07

Please - any Outlook users out there had this problem?

  SANTOS7 10:41 23 Jun 07

click here
this may help,good luck..

  VoG II 10:44 23 Jun 07

Tools > Account Settings, click on the name of the account, click Change button, click More Settings button, Advanced tab, untick 'Leave a copy of messages on server'.

That's for Outlook 2007 - it should be similar in earlier versions.

  wotbus@ 10:53 23 Jun 07

Great stuff. Thanks SANTOS7 and VoG™.

  wotbus@ 14:05 24 Jun 07

Sorted. They followed your instruction VoG™, and I have just rcvd an email that the problem is fixed.
Thanks for you help :-)

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