parkhead 17 Jul 11

Hi Wizards,

I am having terrible trouble with Outlook. I have Microsoft Office 2003 and Outlook has run superbly for years. However, of late it has started to run really slowly and sometimes just jams. It is really frustrating.

I have uninstalled Office 2003 and reinstalled and I have restored the computer to an earlier time but neither of these things has resolved the problem.

The details of my computer are: MS Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit SP1 AMD Athlon II X 2 215 Processor
3.0GB RAM NVIDIA GeForce 9200

I would be very grateful for any advice given to me in 'idiots' guide' form to try to resolve this problem.

It may be an issue with your .pst file. Presumably, when you reinstalled Office, you told Outlook to hook up with your original .pst file? You may want to see what happens if you back up your existing .pst file somewhere (call it outlook.old or something) then get Outlook to create a new one. If Outlook then runs faster, you may well have identified the cause of your problem.

  parkhead 17 Jul 11


I really appreciate your efforts to help but I am afraid that what you have suggested is beyond me. I would really need a 'step by step' to achieve that.

Parkhead: as a first step, look here.

Try that, see if it helps.

It's also worth Googling on 'Outlook 2003 running slow' - you'll find you're far from the only person to have experienced this.


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