Outlook: "received" & "Read" receipts

  six-h 17:18 25 Apr 10

In the event that I needed to use these features in earnest, I sent a test email requiring both a received, and a read receipt to my own gmail address.
Neither were sent back.
What am I doing wrong?

  Sea Urchin 17:26 25 Apr 10

Did you respond to the requests?

click here

  six-h 18:19 25 Apr 10

Sea Urchin; what requests?
When I opened the gmail message, it just opened as normal, I did look at the "show original" detail, and among the gobbledegook, there was a line that said: -
"Return-Receipt-To: "six-h" <[email protected] other address.net>" (edited), couldn't see anything that related to a "read" request though.

Just reading the link you give, not sure if that would also apply to Outlook 2007, but suspect so and I take it that means that this service is dependent on using sepecific servers...don't quite understand it all.

  Sea Urchin 18:25 25 Apr 10

Probably worded my previous contribution wrongly. hat I meant was have you set up Outlook to respond to requests? In the link scroll down to the section on Responding to read receipt requests.

  Sea Urchin 18:25 25 Apr 10

.....for hat read What

  six-h 18:41 25 Apr 10

Thanks Sea Urchin, I've just done that, although it seems to me that I'm allowing Outlook to respond to incomming read requests, which was not what I wanted to achieve!
Having changed the settings, I again sent a mail requesting both received and read receipts with the same result...zilch!

  Woolwell 19:21 25 Apr 10

I've just tried with Outlook 2007 what you have been doing with your test messages and found that I wasn't getting receipts. They were being generated but ended up in Googlemail's spam filter. If you look on Gmail through webmail you may well find your receipts in the spam box.

  six-h 19:50 25 Apr 10

Hi Woolwell, I think I must have this @rse about face!
I was trying to tag messages sent from my ISP email address using Outlook 2007, to find out if they are received, and if they are subsequently read by recipients who may use a variety of other email services.
Seems this feature in Outlook is just to let others know that YOU have received or read their mailings, and that's something I'd rather not do!

  Woolwell 19:55 25 Apr 10

No - you can use it to get receipts from people to tell whether they have received and/or read your e-mail. It is not fully reliable as the the person you sent it to has to agree to send back the receipt.
To send an e-mail and ask for a read receipt - Create a new message and before sending click on the Options tab on the ribbon and select which tracking option you require.
I reckon you have been doing it correctly but by using Gmail they have been trapped by gmail's spam filters and not getting back to you.

  Woolwell 19:58 25 Apr 10
  Sea Urchin 20:03 25 Apr 10

"and that's something I'd rather not do!"

So why do you think others would be happy doing that if you are not? As Woolwell says you can request a receipt from the recipient of your message, but they must also allow that receipt to be sent - like you they may not want to.

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