Outlook .PST file is huge why?

  PhiltheFragger 23 Aug 11

Just been checking drive space and notice my main PST file for Outlook is 12GB, however going into outlook and right clicking on the main inbox files and looking at the folder sizes (inc Sub folders), i only appear to have about 2 1/2 Gb including archive files.

Any ideas where the other 9 Gbs have come from?

I run calendar and contacts, but these are quite small in themselves

its a windows 7 , I7 cpu 4 gb RAM Office 2007 Prof 500Gb Hdd.

  Woolwell 23 Aug 11

Not sure why it should be so big but you could try compacting it to reduce the size How to compact

  wee eddie 24 Aug 11

My Outlook backup Archive is 193MB & the Backup.pst File 74MB.

Then, I have been using Outlook for about 15 years and I probably could trim the Archive to 6 years or so.

So, in answer to your question ~ The term "Big" is relative.

  wee eddie 24 Aug 11

It has just struck me that you might be including Photo's of the Individuals in your Contacts Section.


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