Outlook Preview Pane

  return to sender 18:38 25 Oct 04

In outlook express, jpg attachments appear in the preview pane. Is there any way to get Outlook to display the same without having to open each file.

  canard 19:40 25 Oct 04

Disable Preview Pane as it is tantamount to opening email and any nasties therein will propagate on your PC.

  return to sender 19:42 25 Oct 04

if one uses an up to date anti virus combined with a decent firewall then any nasties should be caught.

I want to have the preview pane which is why i asked the question in the first place.

  Salinger 19:51 25 Oct 04

I'm sure someone will tell you how to do this plus you can always ask for help in ridding yourself of the "nasties" that WILL get through your "defences"

  return to sender 19:56 25 Oct 04

can i ask why you assume one is an amateur user who is careless enough to not recognize a nasty??

i use spybot, tds3 and ad aware, i have an av that checks once an hour for updates as well as a fully fuctioning firewall.

I simply asked for advice regarding the outlook preview pane, i did not ask for nasty removal advice, or how to stop the preview pane from functioning.

If one has no constructive comment on how to solve the issue i asked about, please refrain from answering at all.....

and yes salinger that was aimed squarely at you!!

  Cook2 19:57 25 Oct 04

Why not go back to Outlook Express?

  Cook2 19:57 25 Oct 04

Why not go back to Outlook Express?

  return to sender 20:01 25 Oct 04

i had thought of that cook2, but outlook has better functionality and contact management.....

  Salinger 20:06 25 Oct 04

I merely stated that someone will no doubt tell you how to do this - the consequences are of no concern to me.

  lindyloo4 21:02 25 Oct 04

Try this from your Inbox - View - current view and tick Messages. It has just worked for me. You'd think you should tick messages with auto preview but the preview disappeared when I tried that.

Hope this helps.

  Meshuga 21:09 25 Oct 04

I can see no inference in Salingers response to suggest that you were an amateur in fact it was a perfectly innocuous answer so your attitude was uncalled for. Meshuga.

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