Outlook Office 2007

  TN 10:13 27 Feb 11

I have been re-installing MS Office along with all my other software after a complete failure of Windows 7. Word, Excel etc., all work OK but Outlook will not run: I get the message Cannot start Microsoft Outlook. Cannot open Outlook Window. The file C:\Documents and Settings\Norman\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook\Outlook.pst cannot be found. Any assistance would be sincerely appreciated.

  onthelimit 10:30 27 Feb 11

When you reinstalled, did you do a full or a custom install? Outlook may have been missed??

  TN 10:32 27 Feb 11

My re-install was a Full re-install - The programme starts off for a few seconds and then the box with the message appears. I should mention that I have un-installed MS Office and Re-installed it 4 times since yesterday.

  rawprawn 10:33 27 Feb 11

Try making a new profile click here

  BRYNIT 10:34 27 Feb 11

You may find a solution from
Outlook 2007: Troubleshooting Outlook Crashes
click here

  Eric10 10:57 27 Feb 11

There is something strange about this because your Outlook 2007 is looking for the outlook.pst file in a location that was relevant in Windows XP but is completely different in Windows 7. If the help already supplied doesn't cure it then maybe you can run a repair on the outlook.pst file as detailed on this page click here. Don't forget to look in the Windows 7 location for the file rather than where Outlook is currently looking.

  TN 19:00 27 Feb 11

I have carried out every search known to man and those above - I can find no trace of either outlook.pst or *.pst on my computer - I think a pint of petrol and a match might be the naswer before it drives me crazy!!

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