Outlook Express in Windows7

  birdface 14:10 06 Dec 10

I know you can't get outlook Express on Windows 7 but was just wondering if you can still get your outlook express mail when using Windows Live Mail.
Probably not but I thought that I would ask.
I am swapping computers with my son who has XP Home for mine which has Windows7.
But he needs Outlook Express for important mail.
is there a way round it or will he just have to change e-mail provider.

  GaT7 14:24 06 Dec 10

If you setup WLM to use/access the same email address(es) that you use with OE, then OE emails will be downloaded into WML.

Another option is to use the free Thunderbird instead, which is better than, if not as good as, OE. G

  Woolwell 14:33 06 Dec 10

Windows Live Mail, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, etc are all e-mail clients. Providing they are set up correctly for your e-mail host (ISP or domain name) then all of your e-mails will be availabe to be received and sent. The bottom line is that it is not Outlook Express mail or Windows Live Mail but your e-mails and the difference is down to how your get them and how you read them.

  birdface 14:58 06 Dec 10

I thought maybe you would have needed to have outlook express on your computer as well as Windows Live mail.
So if I open a Windows Live mail Account using his Outlook Express details then he should still be able to receive and send his e-mails.
That would be ok. He can thunderbird as well and just put in his o/e details to receive all of his mail.

  birdface 15:00 06 Dec 10

Ok thanks folk took a minute for the penny to drop, Any e-mail provider providing he puts in his normal e-mail details.
Ok thanks both,
Will calss as resolved now.

  GaT7 15:04 06 Dec 10

Yes, he should be able to do either. If they don't work as they should, confirm that you have entered the correct settings.

How to add an email address in WLM click here & Tb click here. G

  birdface 21:22 06 Dec 10

Hi Crossbow7.
Thanks for the further update.
I will bookmark both for future reference.
Many thanks.

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