Outlook Express to Windows Live Mail

  SURVEY 17:38 PM 09 Dec 11

Having tried for a few hours and failed, I need some help. Trying to transfer my Outlook Express .dbx emails and their folders to another computer on to Windows Live Mail. I exported and imported the address book straight away but the emails???

  SURVEY 18:21 PM 09 Dec 11

OK, have managed to get my emails into WLM format. Each OE folder has been imported by the Import Wizard to separate 'Imported Folders'. In WLMail I can click on Imported Folder 1 or 2 or 3 etc and each of these leads to a sub-folder 'Local Service'. Opening these up gives the OE folder name and emails. I can move the messages to each 'Imported Folder' and then rename the Imported Folder by the original OE folder name. But this is all a bit of a fag. There must be a simper way to do this, surely??

  SURVEY 23:46 PM 09 Dec 11

Managed to sort it (almost), but what a real pain! MS could have made it simpler I'm sure.

  SURVEY 12:40 PM 10 Dec 11

Just one more thing that is bugging me about Mailwasher/WLM. Mailwasher will not remove headers on its screen despite my having downloaded the emails in WLM. Under 'Accounts' in WLM for say a btinternet account I have the option of removing the email from the btinternet server; that option is not available on my gmail accounts. I am sure that with Outlook Express and Mailwasher this problem did not arise - I 'processed' the Mailwasher emails to OE and then when next clicking 'Check Emails' in Mailwasher, the downloaded ones were cleared from the screen. Help!


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