Outlook Express - unprompted 'data send' attempt.

  zootboy 13:16 23 Jan 04

Hello everyone.

Whilst on the web this morning,my firewall flashed up the following warning:

'Outlook Express' from your computer wants to send UDP Datagram to, Port 1030. Permit or Deny ?

Not knowing what it was, I clicked on Deny.

Can anyone explain what was happening and what did it mean ?



  bretsky 13:54 23 Jan 04

Don't know whether this will help you, click here click here Sounds like spam.

Run Spybot s&d {sorry don't have the link}run this and try to establish its origin.

Good luck .......bretsky;0)

  Big Elf 15:53 23 Jan 04

Here's a few links:

Spybot click here

AdAware click here

SpywareBlaster click here

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