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Outlook express timeout with spam

  cherria 09:09 30 Mar 04


Outlook Express has suddenly started causing problems and is reacting badly to some spam I'm receiving.

What happens is it receives a few of the messages then stops, eventually reporing that the server has not responded for 60 seconds, would I like to wait or stop.

If I look at my mailbox using a webmail access, and remove the spam messages, then it works fine. The spam is not particularly large, although the subject can be long sometimes.

Any idea how an email can stop outlook express from receiving all the other mails in the mailbox and how I would fix it?

  johnnyrocker 09:14 30 Mar 04

try setting up message rules to divert it to a folder you make called trash or whatever, you could also try d/loading mailwasher from this sites d/load section which means you can access the server before the mail hits your mailbox.


  cherria 09:29 30 Mar 04

I do have message rules set up, but the problem occurs even before the rules get a chance to be run.

I may give mailwasher a go, but it seems to still be a workaround.

How can an email stop outlook express from working before it is even in the inbox?

  johnnyrocker 09:45 30 Mar 04

in the properties you will find that you can set the time out to 5 mins which should help.


  anon1 09:53 30 Mar 04

I assume you are using dial up although you dont mention it. That would be a reason for any email causing a timeout (slow to download it) the best option has already been mentioned. That is to change the time out setting within outlook express.

  cherria 10:23 30 Mar 04

Ok, I have broadband so download speed is not an issue.

If I set the timeout time to 5 mins then outlook will just sit there for 5 mins before saying it's getting no response from the server, which is worse.

None of the mail messages are big, there must just be something in the mail message that is messing with OE as if I remove the mail from my mailbox using webmail, OE receives the rest no problem

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