Outlook Express store

  Quilljar 09:31 18 Oct 05

Can anyone please tell me where Outlook express stores old emails? I need to transfer some from an old HD to a new computer by hand.. Thanks

  MAJ 09:35 18 Oct 05

If you go to OE > Tools > Options > Maintenance tab > Store Folder button, it will give you the path to where all your email folders are stored, Quilljar.

  MAJ 09:36 18 Oct 05

Make sure you backup **all** the contents of your Store Folder, Quilljar, not just one .dbx file. If you backup just one file you will not be able to restore it on the other PC. Backup the whole folder.

  Quilljar 09:52 18 Oct 05

I shd have said where in Windows 98 are they kept?

  MAJ 09:58 18 Oct 05

Same place, Quilljar.

  Quilljar 10:06 18 Oct 05

Many thanks Maaj for such a quicj response, I have now rescued and saved all my friend's emails

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