Outlook Express signature - too small!

  Belinda 17:21 30 Mar 04

Regulations demand that my business emails have reams of compulsory (and deeply boring) verbiage at the bottom. I'd like to put this into signature text (not an attached file, which won't be acceptable to the powers-that-be). The compulsory wording is so long that it won't all fit into the allowed length for signature text. Does anyone know if I can tweak something somewhere to increase the number of characters allowed?

Thank you!

  Sir Radfordin 17:26 30 Mar 04

I've just created a signature that has 178,200 words using Outlook 2002, and I'm fairly sure no disclaimer will be that long!

So any chance of changing from OE to Outlook?

  Belinda 17:34 30 Mar 04

Thanks for the incredibly rapid response! I'm not keen on Outlook for emails - but would consider converting to it if I have to!

  Belinda 17:58 30 Mar 04

Have just remembered why I don't like Outlook for emails: it's not very good at running multiple accounts. Any signature would be applied to all messages, which means deleting it from every personal email I send. (A small chore, I know, but I'll try anything to make life simpler.)

  Sir Radfordin 18:01 30 Mar 04

I've got 5 accounts running in Outlook without any problems and have several other profiles with other accounts as well. It isn't anything amazing but it does the job.

As for the signature, your right you are limited to only having one as the default but such is life.

Of course it does raise the question of sending personal emails from a business account ;)

  Belinda 18:27 30 Mar 04

Thank you for your help. As for sending personal emails from a business account - I own the business! (But I run a separate account for my personal stuff.) :o)

  Pesala 20:34 30 Mar 04

You can have a separate signature for each account. I just created a sig with 15,000 words. I don't know what the limit is.

  Belinda 22:20 30 Mar 04

Thanks, Pesala. It might be worth a try, but I'd prefer to use Outlook Express/Outlook because they co-operate with some other software I use for my business.

I've been using Mozilla Thunderbird with a different template for each account, which takes care of the legal requirements, but Thunderbird won't talk to the other software.

And I thought computers would make life simpler....

  Pesala 22:24 30 Mar 04

it's bosses who make life more difficult. (~_~)

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