Outlook Express Query

  Eargasm 20:55 28 Jan 06

Hi all

Running XP Home SP2, all mail in my inbox (outlook express) shows an attachment but most of them don't have one.

Can anyone offer a solution?

  cycoze 21:22 28 Jan 06

Have you got AVG ? I believe if you use AVG you will have the paperclip show up on all HTML emails, it wont show up on plain text emails, just a quirk of the program.

If you use AVG have a friend send you a plain text mail to see if the paper clip stays away.

  Eargasm 21:44 28 Jan 06

Thanks ( again) Cy
Yes i am using AVG, i will try as you suggest.


  Eargasm 21:55 28 Jan 06

It seems you have solved it thanks, plain text mail shows no paper clip, although it is'nt a problem, i just wondered why.

  Simsy 09:27 29 Jan 06

represents an "attachment"...

This "attachment" is actually the small text message at the bottom of the email that says;

"No virus found in this incoming message. Checked by AVG Free Edition." (followed by the reference date)

You can get rid of this if you go to;

Control Centre>Email Scanner>Properties>Configure>Plugins

In the top box are tick boxes related to email scanning... make sure the boxes "with attachments only" are ticked. This means only emails with attachments will have the appended text.

That should help.



  Eargasm 23:47 30 Jan 06

You are a star!!

That sorted it. Thanks

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