Outlook express problem recording sent e-mails

  pwill 01 Jan 12

I use Outlook Express 6 with Windows XP. My PC has recently developed an intermittent fault where outgoing e-mails remain in the Outbox folder despite having been sent successfully, instead of being moved automatically to the Sent Items folder. This means that the recipient receives a new copy of the e-mail every five minutes, and the e-mail never appears in my Sent Items folder. This seems to happen to about half of my outoing e-mails but there seems to be no pattern as to which ones are affected. Can anyone advise how to solve this please ?

  Sea Urchin 01 Jan 12

I would suggest that your Outbox is corrupted. Open OE and go to Tools menu - Options - Maintenance tab and click on Store Folder. Place the cursor on the address and right-click - select all. Then right-click again and Copy. Close down Options box and OE - then go to Start - Run - and right-click in run box - select Paste. The box that opens is all your .dbx files. Find the Outbox and delete it. Close the box - then open OE again, and there will be a new Outbox created. Hopefully it should now work. IMPORTANT - make sure OE is closed while you are using the Run box and deleting.

  pwill 01 Jan 12

Thank you very much. Even after following these very clear instructions to delete the outbox, I am still experiencing the same problem however.

  Sea Urchin 01 Jan 12

It is worth trying the same process, and deleting the Deleted folder. Plus your Sent items folder may be too full. Try creating a new folder (as a sub folder of Local Folders) and transfer all messages you want to that - then also delete the Sent Items folder as above.

  Sea Urchin 03 Jan 12

If you still have no luck you could work your way through this Microsoft website

OE basic repair kit

  pwill 04 Jan 12

Apologies for the delay in responding. Deleting the Sent folder as you suggested has solved the problem, as it must have been full. I did reduce the number of e-mails in that folder by 90% about a week ago in case that was the problem - but it seems that removing e-mails does not of itself create any space, which is what confused me. Many thanks for providing me with the solution.

  Sea Urchin 04 Jan 12

Yes, as you discovered you need to compact as well.

Glad to know it was sorted, and thanks for the feedback.


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