Outlook Express problem.

  bruno 19:52 06 Mar 03

I was helping my mate's wife to set up her E mails on a second hand(old) computer she has just got.She has Tiscali pay as you go and hotmail.I was showing her what to do by sending a message from O/E to hotmail and replying back to it.The message went from O/E allright,but when I checked the reply,the message had arrived but there was no content in the bottom pane.There were two welcoming messages from O/E which did not contain any message.The hour glass indicated action,but nothing happened.
Anyone know the answer?
Probably something minor I should know about.

  MAJ 20:06 06 Mar 03

I take it you mean that there was no message viewable in the bottom pane of OE?? Do you have the preview pane active? Go to your inbox and then go to, View > Layout, tick "Show Preview Pane".

  bruno 20:18 06 Mar 03

Thanks for the suggestion.I will try that when I go tommorow.The only thing is that I do not have that ticked in mine but when I double click to open the message,I do get what is in.My mate's missus doesn't get anything.I will try it though.

  MAJ 20:23 06 Mar 03

It might not be that then, bruno. You are wise to have the preview pane disabled as it can let in a virus attack when activated.

  bruno 20:27 06 Mar 03

That is why I do it.Will have to see if anything else comes in later on.

  bruno 22:32 06 Mar 03


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