outlook express problem ????

  bengo 09:51 03 Mar 06

Recently bought a new computer with Win XP (Media Centre 2005) and have a problem with Outlook Express. I have 4 accounts, 3 with one ISP and 1 with a different ISP. When I set up all the accounts and connect to the internet, all of them work, if I close Outlook Express and then re-open it, all the accounts work. However, if I switch off the computer and restart it, then open Outlook Express, 3 things can happen, 1. 1 or more accounts will work normally, 2. some or more accounts will appear to connect and tell me there are no emails ( if I use webmail I can see that there are emails in these accounts waiting to be downloaded), and 3. a box wil open asking to reinsert passwords, if I do this it will either do no 2 again or repeatedly ask for passwords,
Sorry this is very long and I hope someone out there has has a solution. Seem to remember that Windows uses a file for passwords and this can get corrupt, if this file is deleted it forces Windows to create a new file ???
Thanks in anticipation

  VoG II 15:46 03 Mar 06
  bengo 09:09 04 Mar 06


Many thanks for the link, will try it later today and see if that corrects the problem

  bengo 12:00 04 Mar 06


I followed all the instructions in the link you sent me but I still have the same problem, I am using the same passwords on my old computer and also on Mozila Thunderbird on this computer and they both work OK. I have also noticed on the new computer that in Outlook Express/tools/accounts/servers/incoming mail (pop3) the entry used to say pop.ntlworld.com and now it keeps changing to On my old computer is says pop.ntlworld.com and does’t change.
Could I use ADD/REMOVE progs/ and then ADD/REMOVE Windows Components to remove Internet Explorer and Outlook Express and then re-install them both from my XP CD. Do you think that would work, Tks in anticip

  johnnyrocker 12:02 04 Mar 06

might be better and easier to run a system file check providing you have a full xp disk.


  bengo 12:05 04 Mar 06

Have used SFC and XP disc and it seemed to complete OK.

  bengo 12:06 04 Mar 06


Sorry should have also said some files were copied from the CD,

  bengo 09:46 05 Mar 06

Sorry to nag but has anyone got any more ideas please

  johnnyrocker 10:05 05 Mar 06

try deleting and recreating the e mail accounts because i feel you have a bug there somewhere which i expected sfc to correct.


  remind 10:33 05 Mar 06

Your antivirus software or spam filter is resetting the server to, check the settings in whatever program you use.

  bengo 12:10 05 Mar 06

Have just run sfc again, just before the end it prompts me to insert xp CD2, i have it on a single DVD which i put in. don't know if it does anything but when i restart computer before the log on page, i get a window saying "please wait" with some dots after it that increase, i assume it does this because sfc has changed some files ???


have mcafee on computer, pre-installed by DELL, cant see any options to change that would cause this and have got spam filter switched off as NTL seems to do very well with their spam filter

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