outlook express not sending email

  rsturbo 17:36 01 Dec 08

receives ok but not sending (it goes in sent box but is never delivered to recipients), have checked smtp etc. with isp and all is correct. can send thru webmail but o/e will not send..

any ideas would be much appreciated

  lotvic 19:14 01 Dec 08

A little more info is needed.
As a test do this
Using OE send yourself an email
Go to your Webmail and see if it is there on the server,
if yes go back to OE and collect it

Tell us if that works okay and also who your ISP is and the last part of your email address **@ whatever it is
(do not put your full email address on here as you will end up with loads of spam)

  rsturbo 17:31 02 Dec 08

[email protected]

  Rahere 17:38 02 Dec 08

This can make it a bit of a headache...

  FreeCell 17:39 02 Dec 08

Possible solution given by flangemonkey in previous thread: click here

Solution (possibly)

Instead of the smtp.whatever try the IP address

to find the IP address go to terminal / dos prompt and type

ping smtp.wherever.suffix
eg ping smtp.fsnet.co.uk

which will say ping smtp.ofsnet.co.uk (xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx)

copy the numbers where the x's are into your smtp server box in your email server address box and try that.

  Woolwell 18:30 02 Dec 08

Are you with Orange or do you just have a fsnet e-mail address? If Orange try smtp.orange.co.uk.

As a last resort you may need to delete the account in Outlook Express and start again.

  Woolwell 18:52 02 Dec 08

Should have added - in your current location are you connecting to the internet via Orange?

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