Outlook Express- is it working

  Grey Goo 11:13 AM 31 Oct 12

Any users of OE out there having problems with it? Seems to be non responsive at the moment.

  wiz-king 14:53 PM 31 Oct 12

Do you mean 'Outlook' the new hotmail? Outlook Express is a stand alone email client from Microsoft.

  Forum Editor 14:59 PM 31 Oct 12

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  Grey Goo 15:10 PM 31 Oct 12


I know what OE is, I am just trying to ascertain if the whole of OE is not sending or receiving mail or it is a problem with my ISP. OE not working on 2 separate machines.

  onthelimit1 15:13 PM 31 Oct 12

As mentioned, it's stand alone, so the problem is with your ISP

  Grey Goo 16:58 PM 31 Oct 12

Appears I have been "Migrated" to Demon's new improved mail system. Been nice if they had mentioned it before turning off OE.

  Woolwell 17:39 PM 31 Oct 12

They cannot turn off OE but can change the way that you access e-mails. Do the OE settings need to be changed?

  Grey Goo 09:28 AM 02 Nov 12

Yes,they went through it with me on the telephone. Mind you if they change things then they have "Turned it off"in a sense.Annoying as there was no warning or new password sent in advance.


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