Outlook express Irritation or Virus?

  asw 12:50 15 Apr 03

I'm using MS Outlook Express and have recieved 4 mails recently, which when highlighted open the dialogue box Msimn with the text, "this program has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down, please contact the vendour if this problem persists". The emails don't seem to have caused any problem but I can't delete them as outlook is locked up while the Msimn box is open. I can only use outlook by closing and re-opening the programme and then avoiding the irritating emails. Anybody had this experiance and or got a solution and should I be worried that these are virus attacks?

  Lozzy 12:57 15 Apr 03

Go you have AV protection if yes what is it?? AS it it should say and war you if you have a virus. Do a Anti Virus scan. Then depending on your OS carry out a repair of OE by way of control panel add/remove progs then highlight OE and click repair..

  MAJ 12:57 15 Apr 03

Do you have the Preview Pane active, asw? View > Layout.

  asw 14:34 04 May 03

Thanks, problem sorted. I closed the preview pane and that allowed me to delete the spam. Sorry to be so long repling but I've been working abroad.

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