Outlook express how does it work?

  Mysticnas 12:55 08 Jan 04

Hi all,

When i recieve all messages from my inbox, does it permanantly download and store emails to my hard-drive? if so then where?

I've checked my hotmail on the web and the inbox is still full. If i delete all the emails from my inbox there will that also somehow delete the emails from the OE inbox?

or shall i use MS Outlook instead?

  leo49 12:57 08 Jan 04

click here

You might find some enlightenment at the above.

  Jester2K 12:59 08 Jan 04

You can't use Outlook with Hotmail.

OE is a mirror of your Hotmail account. When you download the messsages they stay in your Inbox on the Server until you delete them in OE, then they are deleted on the Hotmail server too. Same with all the folders - "Deleted Items", "Sent Items" etc

  Jester2K 13:01 08 Jan 04

Send your self a few test e-mails and delete / move them and see how it works.

Sometimes the OE and Hotmail server are not synchronised until you click Send / Receive.

  Mysticnas 13:02 08 Jan 04

i can use outlook with hotmail, i'm doing it now.

  Jester2K 13:05 08 Jan 04

Which version of Outlook?

How? I can't see how using Outlook 2002 (XP)!!

  Jester2K 13:06 08 Jan 04

Scratch that - found it. Didn't realise Hotmail was an HTTP server!!!!

  Mysticnas 13:15 08 Jan 04


  Mysticnas 13:16 08 Jan 04

another thing now...

it's asking for the password twice. When i run OE it brings up 2 password prompts at the same time.

  Mysticnas 13:22 08 Jan 04

I tested it...

I deleted an email from my hotmail web account, and pressed recieve, sure enough the email dissapeared from my OE inbox!!!

how can i stop this??

The whole reason why i setup OE/outlook was so i could save all my emails to my hard-drive and delete them off the server as my server account is getting full.

  Mysticnas 13:31 08 Jan 04

i've figured it out....

I just dragged the folders from my hotmail account to the local folders.

and sure enough my hotmail web server is now empty!! woo hoo!!!

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