outlook express how do i get gmail

  nonowtatall 14:08 PM 09 Mar 12

i have tried for hours to get my outlook express to do my gmail and it wont recognise it i followed all the instructions but to no avail is there something i am doing wrong i have no other mail on outlook and would like to use it as gmail is hopeless trying to save photos and other things it is a clutter

  onthelimit1 14:25 PM 09 Mar 12

Run through this guide to make sure you're doing it correctly.

  onthelimit1 14:26 PM 09 Mar 12

P.S. - make sure you do the first bit (modifying your gmail acct) first.

  nonowtatall 18:16 PM 11 Mar 12

tried all that and still it wont work as I am with talktalk I am going to make a new mail address and load that in first as they are my provider then put gmail on wish me luck

  lotvic 21:10 PM 11 Mar 12

I checked my settings and they are same as onthelimit1's link (using Outlook Express and I'm with Talktalk) and mine works perfectly.

  Terry Brown 21:37 PM 11 Mar 12

In 'General' put your fulf email address-- You can change it after by using properties.

In 'Servers' use pop.gmail and smtp.gmail-- Click my server requires authorisation (pop3 does not work)

In ' Connection' - If you are using an always on connection, tick box and apply

In 'Security' leave alone

In Advanced. SMTP= 25 POP=995- Tick top 2 boxes.

Be sure to enable pop in Google mail.


  lotvic 22:04 PM 11 Mar 12

Terry Brown most of that's not right, No offence meant but where did you get those silly settings from? as I said in my post my settings are as per onthelimit1's link and I'm using POP3

  Woolwell 22:22 PM 11 Mar 12

I use gmail and I do not recognise Terry Brown's settings. There's some missing ".com"s and I don't have those advanced settings either.


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