rotormota 20:17 01 Oct 04

I do like my OE but it is so painfully slow to load & now it seems to have problems sending at times. I am growing weary of it. Is there a way of reinstalling it or wot other free email progs are out there?


  pimpers 20:36 01 Oct 04

It is suprising how slow this can get if you do not clean up after you.

How many messages have you deleted and not emptied the deleted box?
How many messages have you with attachments that are large?

When you have deleted the files use the clean up facility by clicking on tools/options/maintanance then click on the "clean up now" button.

Hope this works.


  rotormota 21:05 01 Oct 04

Can I save all my old messages to somewhere else other than OE?


  MIke 21:19 01 Oct 04

Yes open message the file/save as

I save mine in a folder in My Documents

  Pesala 21:20 01 Oct 04

click here

It works like a database, has powerful search and indexing, and is built-in to the Browser, so you only need one program for browsing and email (and IRC Chat).

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