outlook express error

  8ball 17:42 10 Feb 04

Can someone please help me set up outlook express after setting up my outlook express account when i try to synchronise accounts i recieve an error message 0x800cccf0 what does this mean and how do i sort it out please!!!!!!!!!!

  Valvegrid 17:45 10 Feb 04

What email system, an http email like Hotmail or Lycos or is it a POP3 account like NTL or Freeserve?

  hugh-265156 17:48 10 Feb 04

only thing i can find listed on the MSkb for the error no.is click here and its RE outlook 02 not OE.

  8ball 17:48 10 Feb 04

in response to the above question i am trying to set up a hotmail account

  8ball 17:51 10 Feb 04

I only have one account /indentity set up so the error code does not make sense to me.

  vulcanian 18:02 10 Feb 04

Try this click here

  Valvegrid 18:09 10 Feb 04

I have been reading some of the other forums, it does seem to be a common problem, ranging from disabling firewalls or antivirus progams (definitely not recommended) to changing the LAN settings all seem without a solution. There was one that seemed to suggest re-entering the accounts which seemed to cure it, worth a try.

  hugh-265156 19:18 10 Feb 04

i have an msn address and this does not work with OE.if you also have an msn addy then this may be the cause.a hotmail addy should work ok but i havnt tried it.

  8ball 13:40 11 Feb 04

yes it is a msn address and i have just tried a friends hotmail address and it works fine can any body tell me why please!!

  hugh-265156 14:25 11 Feb 04

OE doesnt support hotmail @ msn addresses.sign up for a @ hotmail one and it will work ok.

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