Outlook express downloads emails twice

  dobbin 17:56 08 Jun 06

This is probably an old chestnut but Outlook express has suddenly started downloading every email twice. I have not changed any settings and when I download from other computers it does not occur. Does anyone have any suggestions?

  SANTOS7 18:00 08 Jun 06

click here
this may help..

  dobbin 18:05 08 Jun 06

Thanks santos7 but I would like to try and get to the cause of the problem first. if I don't suceed I will then use this programme and live with it

  SANTOS7 18:08 08 Jun 06

if you read the guide review in the link there is a sugestion that there isn't one, it sort of offers some things to look at, Puzzleing to say the least...

  bruno 19:57 08 Jun 06

I have had this happening for a few months.It does it at odd times,when it feels like it.Never found a reason yet,although it has been mentioned on the forum before.

  mole44 20:03 08 Jun 06

mail downloading twice mine did it from NTL 7 time.my solution was to go to your isp`s site i.e. as if you were accesing your mail remotely and delete them from there.worked for me

  mole44 20:04 08 Jun 06

ooops forgot to say try mailwasher that program could help.

  dobbin 13:09 09 Jun 06

Thanks Santos7 and mole44 it seems that there is no quick fix for this so I think I will try one of the programs you suggest.

  Marsh Warden © ™ 14:29 09 Jun 06

Are you checking a Hotmail account in OE, if so

click here

  dobbin 14:39 09 Jun 06

no mainly from btinternet

  p;3 18:05 09 Jun 06

just a thought to try/consider; if you are using btinternet for your mails? were you previously on btopenworld ( as I was)? and if so are your mails going to both the btinternet and btopenworld address ( as mine do); if your OE is programed with both the btinternet and btopenworld addresses then when you click to download them you may find BOTH addresses are actived for the downloading if you tell the OE to receive from all servers, as happens with mine; is that of any help?

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