Outlook express access from android tablet

Hi, I can use my talk talk account to view emails but want to get inside my old outlook express from laptop on a tablet, lenovo s6000 if it matters. Deleting on talk talk doesn't delete on my laptop, it's just a window to view what's new so the emails are building up in outlook. Please can someone offer any guidance. Many thanks, Ben.

  lotvic 00:18 10 Jun 15

Outlook Express is an email client. It came as part of Microsoft XP and previous MS Op systems. An email client is a program that can, collect from and send email to, the email web servers and stores the emails on your harddrive and is able to open the emails for you to read.

An Android tablet is not able to open the microsoft windows program Outlook Express.

Can you explain in more detail what it is you want to achieve? are you wanting to delete some of the emails on your laptop? Are you still using the laptop and collecting emails with Outlook Express? The only way the emails will be "building up in outlook" is if you are collecting them, and if that is the case then delete them in Outlook Express.

Thanks for your reply. I am deleting old emails but at least I now know that the 2systems won't work together, that's fine. Thanks again

Thanks for your reply. I am deleting old emails but at least I now know that the 2systems won't work together, that's fine. Thanks again

Actually can I continue this question. Do I need to just save any archived outlook emails on memory stick and then transfer to tablet to be able to keep them? Then I can stop using the laptop for good I hope. Thanks for any help

  lotvic 23:55 10 Jun 15

You can save your emails as .eml files, read explanation of .eml files on ClickHere

I did this last year like this:

On XP pc I created a folder structure in My Documents (with the same names of the folders in Outlook Express) and then I had two windows open on Desktop, one Windows Explorer and one Outlook Express.

I opened a folder in Outlook Express, and bulk selected all the emails in that folder (hold down Ctrl and press A) then dragged and dropped them into the same named subfolder of new Folder named 'BackupCopyEmail' I had already created in My Documents.

Did the same for all the emails in the other folders.

This saves each of the emails as an .eml file extension

I can now open any individual .eml independently in any email client - without importing them (rightclick, open with - if no default email client)

I have now copied Folder 'BackupCopyEmail' containing all the new created folders with the .eml files in, to my external HDD.

You could save or copy your Folder to your memory stick and then use an Android App to read the .eml files. See Open .eml files, Method 4 of 4 Android (on my link above)


That's great, I'll start doing that. Thanks for your help

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