Outlook express 6 won't respond if I am online.

  Eddd 22:14 05 Sep 06

I have just had a problem with outlook express 6. I was online and when I clicked on the icon to open o.e.6 I just got a white page and then program not responding. I have tried removing and then reinstalling from the windows components box but this hasn't made any difference. I can open o.e.6 before I go on line, and have run a virus check and adware check.The only change I recently made was to remove one of my accounts which was getting a lot of spam ( not my default account). I use avg free, adaware, zone alarm and spamfighter free. Any help would be great as I can't think what might be causing this sudden problem.

  STREETWORK 22:22 05 Sep 06

Have you tried to Repair IE? Go to Control Panel/Add/Remove Programs. Select Microsoft Internet Explorer & Internet Tools. Click on Add/Remove. A window will pop up asking you if you want to Add a Component, Repair or Restore to previous Windows configuration. Select Repair and follow the prompts.

  Eddd 23:46 05 Sep 06

Hi Streetwork,
I have just turned my p.c. back on and outlook express seems to be fine again, I'm assuming I had a glitch and it repaired after shutting down. I don't seem to have i.e. listed in add/remove programs only under window components.
Thanks for the advice anyway.

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