Outlook Express 6 will not open

  johnandjen 11:30 18 Jan 07


I just installed Avast 4 from the DVD and problems began. Football Manager program would not open and OE6 as well. OE6 gave the following messages. "OE could not be started. The application was unable to open the OE message store. Your computer may be out of memory or disk full. Contact microsoft (0x800CO12E,5). This was then followed by "OE could not be started because MSOE.DLL could not be initialised. OE may not be installed correctly". I`ve tried about all I can think of. Ran AVG & no viruses detected.Shut down AVG & Zonealarm in case of conflict. Run Spybot & Adware. Program file on my pc for OE6 contains the above dll file. Any help would be appreciated. Could I re-install OE6 without fear of losing any of my existing email info?

  VoG II 11:34 18 Jan 07

System Restore?

  johnandjen 12:12 18 Jan 07

Tried system restore going back all the restore points for a week, but the only point which worked was for yesterday. Did this but have still got the problem. Do you think re-installing OE6 is a safe option to try?

  johnandjen 19:58 18 Jan 07

Can anyone help? Tried the Internet Explorer Repair Tool but came unstuck at the end as it said there was an error in iesetup.dll - missing entry IEAccessSysInst. Can I reinstall IE7 without affecting any of my existing email folders in OE6? Would doing this possibly provide the missing "link"?

  johnandjen 22:20 18 Jan 07

Got you all stumped then? How about if I reinstalled OE6. Would this damage any existing mail folders?

  johnandjen 23:12 18 Jan 07

I was really hoping someone here could help. Has nobody any ideas at all?

  skidzy 23:23 18 Jan 07

Maybe IE fix,fixes OE also click here

  terryf 00:12 19 Jan 07

Can I suggest that when you get it fixed and have a clean working system, you invest in Acronis True Image and a second hard drive, it took me all of 9 minutes to restore my C drive this evening after I had managed to botch up my system when un-installing a program and not waiting for it to complete properly. I only keep programs and OS on C, everything else is on the D drive, even the Outlook Express store folder so that when I have a system crash, I don't lose my emails

  johnandjen 08:18 19 Jan 07

Thanks for the ideas. I`ve tried a few IE fixes without success. I`m going the whole hog now and reformatting. Thanks Terryf for the second drive suggestion which I`m going to follow. Wish I had thought about something like that before.

  terryf 15:14 19 Jan 07

When you install the second drive call your documents something other than 'My documents' etc because if for some reason you re-install win, it looks around your system and sweeps up anything that has a name like the msoft folders. Leave these folders on C but call the D folders something like Dossier (Wordocs, textdocs, pdf), Pics, downloads, OEstore

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