Outlook express 6. Spell checker not showing word

  wizard72 22:34 04 May 03

Hi after I have typed my email on outlook express 6, I then click on spelling but the grey area of the box only shows half of the letters, such as the words "Change To" which only shows the top half of the letters. Please could anyone let me know how to change my settings back to normal as I think this has happened since using the accessory wizard.
One more thing when you right click on the page is there a way I could change the box that appears so instead of seeing black text on a grey background I could change it to white on black?

thank you for reading this bye

  howard60 06:51 05 May 03

try right clicking on a blank area of your screen and properties - in the top right tab [settings] look to see what size screen you are set to. It almost sounds like something has changed the size to a very large one. As an old wrinkly with bifocals I use 800 x 600 also look in the appearance tab for colour schemes

  Gongoozler 09:11 05 May 03

Hi wizard72. For the second part of your question, this is what you can do in Windows 98se. I can't say if it works for other versions of Windows. Right click on your desktop, select "Properties", select the "Appearance" tab. Click on the down arrow under "Item" and scroll down to "Message Box". Click on the down arrow under "Scheme" and scroll to "High Contrast White". If you don't like that scheme, there are plenty of others to choose from.

  wizard72 19:36 05 May 03

Thank you for your recent help with my trouble on outlook express 6. I did forget to say on my first message that I am using windows xp, I have a 19 inch monitor with a screen resolution of 1024 x 768. I am sure I will get this problem sorted soon. My partners settings are the same as mine on windows xp when she logs in and she has not got the same trouble as me. Computers are wierd

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