outlook express 6. problem. duplicate emails.

  big bloke66 16:31 05 Feb 05

hi could anybody explain why every time i recieve emails i always get them in two's (duplicated). os win xp home many thanks mucho confused paul

  Jomi 16:43 05 Feb 05

I can't come up with an explanation Paul, but I can tell you it happens to me from time to time.
It isn't every email that gets duplicated just a batch of them for a while then it goes back to normal.
I think it's probably something to do with the ISP.

  john-232317 16:47 05 Feb 05

I get similar problem now and again ;-))

  shellship 16:49 05 Feb 05

Like Jomi, I too occasionally have the same problem. Further, quite often Norton designates one of them as spam and puts the other into the correct folder. My incoming ISP is Tiscali. Hope this is of some comfort.

  big bloke66 17:03 05 Feb 05

jomi.dadyassa .shellship cheers for replying. i have blueyonder (telewest) im glad im not the only one its just a bit head scrathy.i will leave the thread a little longer to see if any body else can shed light.

  john-232317 17:09 05 Feb 05

I am on telefonica Spain, so it could be another euro problem or just OE throwing a wobbly ;-))

  shellship 11:44 07 Feb 05

Not OE as I have changed to Outlook and had the problem with both.

  pj123 11:58 07 Feb 05

Same here, plus a lot of them also seem to have a paperclip next to them but there are no attachments on any of them.

  BH34 12:13 07 Feb 05

If a POP3 mail account is configured to leave a copy of messages on the server (Tools, Accounts, [the account], Properties, Advanced), OE downloads the same messages during a send or receive session. Duplicate message will also be downloaded which can occur if the file Pop3uidl.dbx is corrupted. This file keeps track of which messages on the server have already been downloaded and should therefore be skipped on subsequent downloads, [Q216366] and [Q314578].

  compumac 13:24 07 Feb 05

I have NEVER had this problem before not until I changed over to BT broadband last week. Is this a clue?

  compumac 13:36 07 Feb 05

Sorry - I should have noticed the message from BH34. I had "leave message on server" selected.
He solved it for me. Thanks BH34

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