Outlook Express

  Stoneywood 01 Aug 11

I can only get very small lettering when printing emails with XP,on Outlook Express.

This has unexpectedly happened just recently.

The "VIEW - TEXT SIZE" setting does not seem to work?

Anyone have a fix?


  northumbria61 01 Aug 11

Have a read here link text

  Stoneywood 01 Aug 11

Looks like Microsoft are saying SP3 will cure.

I have all the security updates?

Seem to be going round in circles.

Will try again. Thanks.


  northumbria61 01 Aug 11

Have you tried "Mr Fix-it" ?link text

  northumbria61 01 Aug 11

Just noticed "This has unexpectedly happened just recently" - Do you have a "restore point" to a time before this occurred? May be worth trying.

  Sea Urchin 01 Aug 11

The printed text size in Outlook Express is controlled by the text size in Internet Explorer. Open IE and go to View menu - go to Text Size and select the next largest size. Your emails will now print with larger text.

  Sea Urchin 01 Aug 11


When you say View - Text Size doesn't work do you mean you cannot select a larger size?

  lotvic 02 Aug 11

To get them back in synch, first you have to set both IE and OE to smallest, reboot and then alter to a bigger size

Large or Small Font Printing Message from Outlook Express http://support.microsoft.com/kb/276435

Step by step instructions to reset size in IE and OE

Print Size in Outlook Express http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2147521,00.asp


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