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  glunks 13 May 11

Hi, I need to prove I was at a certain place at a certain time. I sent an email from this place using outlook express from one of the computers that was linked to the company server. My question is, even if they are smart enough to go through the emails and delete it, can it still be retrieved? Can that email be permanently deleted? Many thanks

  bjh 13 May 11

That email can be permanently deleted from the computer from which it was sent. That's not difficult. It will also be on the computer on which it was received. It can be deleted there too.

If it was, indeed, Outlook Express, a copy will not be likely to be stored anywhere else. There's unlikely to be a file store on the server.

  sharpamat 13 May 11

Because of the ease of changing the date and time on a system sending an email its unlikley that an e mail could be used to prove someone was a place and a time

  Graphicool1 13 May 11


I agree with both of your responders and would like to add to sharpamat's reply. By saying, there cannot be proof in legal parlance, ~ of the specific, named sender ~ being in a certain place at a certain time using where from and/or when an email was sent. If for no other reason than that ~ the said ~ email could have been sent at your behest by another party.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13 May 11

I sent an email from this place using outlook express from one of the computers that was linked to the company server

Forget the E-mail if it was a company server you must have been logged on, provide that this was on a company machine then your IT dept must have a record of when and where (machine) you logged on.

This assumes that know one else knows you user name and password.


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