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  Yimbo 04 May 11

The icons for "cut", "copy" "paste" and "spellcheck" have all become greyed-out in OE. I can't seem to be able to restore them. They were all there couple of days ago. Can anyone help me, plase? I'm using XP (Home) with SP3.

  Woolwell 04 May 11

Is this after you installed Outlook? Is Outlook Express your default e-mail client again?

  Yimbo 05 May 11

Yes, Woolwell, it was after I installed MS Office - though I declined Outlook - or thought I did! I then got a box saying that OE was no longer my default email client - and would I like to make it the default. I did that, and OE appeared to resume as normal - other that the greyed-out icons!

My only fear about shifting over to Outlook was that of losing all my emails and addresses etc in OE. But I gather that that can be avoided.

  Woolwell 05 May 11

Shifting old e-mails over to Outlook from OE can be a pain and moving contacts isn't without risk. But the old date should remain intact.

Not sure why the icons should now be greyed out. Is OE set as the default e-mail client in Internet Explorer. Forget how that is et up in XP.

  Woolwell 05 May 11

Further thought has Word become your default e-mail editor?

  Yimbo 05 May 11

"Is OE set as Default email client in IE?" I'm not sure how to check this!

"Has Word become your default email editor?" I just don't know!

You must think I'm a bit thick about these things! Sorry! So long as something continues to work, I just use it and leave it alone! And when a problem arises, well, this Helproom is my No.1 resource!

The icons are no longer greyed-out - - they've now vanished altogether! And, under "Customise Toolbar" they're not listed as "available"!

  Woolwell 05 May 11

Yimbo I'm sorry but it so long since I used OE that I will have to look it up. I think that someone else may have to help. Sorry if I've cause any confusion.

  Woolwell 05 May 11

Set OE as default e-mail client link text

  Yimbo 05 May 11

Thanks, Woolwell, for all your help! I really appreciate your input!

Hopefully, someone else can take me further towards a solution!

  Woolwell 05 May 11

Ignore the bit about Word as the default e-mail editor as I don't think that this is possible with OE.

  wee eddie 05 May 11

I thought that OE was dead and that M$ had replaced it with Windows Live Mail.

Could this have anything to do with your problems?


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