Outlook Express

  Yimbo 20:06 04 May 11

The icons for "cut", "copy" "paste" and "spellcheck" have all become greyed-out in OE. I can't seem to be able to restore them. They were all there couple of days ago. Can anyone help me, plase? I'm using XP (Home) with SP3.

  Woolwell 20:54 04 May 11

Is this after you installed Outlook? Is Outlook Express your default e-mail client again?

  Yimbo 10:42 05 May 11

Yes, Woolwell, it was after I installed MS Office - though I declined Outlook - or thought I did! I then got a box saying that OE was no longer my default email client - and would I like to make it the default. I did that, and OE appeared to resume as normal - other that the greyed-out icons!

My only fear about shifting over to Outlook was that of losing all my emails and addresses etc in OE. But I gather that that can be avoided.

  Woolwell 11:04 05 May 11

Shifting old e-mails over to Outlook from OE can be a pain and moving contacts isn't without risk. But the old date should remain intact.

Not sure why the icons should now be greyed out. Is OE set as the default e-mail client in Internet Explorer. Forget how that is et up in XP.

  Woolwell 11:05 05 May 11

Further thought has Word become your default e-mail editor?

  Yimbo 11:45 05 May 11

"Is OE set as Default email client in IE?" I'm not sure how to check this!

"Has Word become your default email editor?" I just don't know!

You must think I'm a bit thick about these things! Sorry! So long as something continues to work, I just use it and leave it alone! And when a problem arises, well, this Helproom is my No.1 resource!

The icons are no longer greyed-out - - they've now vanished altogether! And, under "Customise Toolbar" they're not listed as "available"!

  Woolwell 11:51 05 May 11

Yimbo I'm sorry but it so long since I used OE that I will have to look it up. I think that someone else may have to help. Sorry if I've cause any confusion.

  Woolwell 11:54 05 May 11

Set OE as default e-mail client link text

  Yimbo 12:00 05 May 11

Thanks, Woolwell, for all your help! I really appreciate your input!

Hopefully, someone else can take me further towards a solution!

  Woolwell 12:01 05 May 11

Ignore the bit about Word as the default e-mail editor as I don't think that this is possible with OE.

  wee eddie 12:07 05 May 11

I thought that OE was dead and that M$ had replaced it with Windows Live Mail.

Could this have anything to do with your problems?


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