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  twicklad 00:00 16 Jun 07

While trying to set up Outlook for emailing images from My Pictures all of my Inbox on Bt Internet has migrated to Outlook Express. The Sent list is not affected. How can I transfer all of this information back to my default email.

  beeuuem 00:43 16 Jun 07

Open OE. Got to File > Export select Messages and all the mail can be sent to Outlook.

  twicklad 11:12 16 Jun 07

Thanks for the interest beeuuem but perhaps I was not clear about my problem.I want to stop OE from clearing all the information from Inbox of my main default email account (BT) and restore to it all the messages that OE has "stolen". The BT Internet Inbox is now empty.

  twicklad 18:51 16 Jun 07

Sorry I will rephrase that. My BT yahoo Inbox contained a hundred or more mails (all read but kept for reference).These mails have now moved to the OE inbox and the Bt Yahoo Inbox is empty. It is a nuisance to have to switch to OE to refer to these mails. I wish to transfer everthing back to BT but dont mind if they also stay in OE as well.

  VoG II 18:56 16 Jun 07

If by BT Yahoo inbox you mean webmail then I'm not aware of any means (available to 'ordinary' users) of uploading the messages from OE to the BT Yahoo mail server.

  p;3 19:04 16 Jun 07

what you will have to do is to mail each of them to yourself(Btyahoo mail address) again; that way each will be sent from within your oe to your server; BUT; you will also need to ensure that'leave a copy of mail on server' is ticked in your OE options to prevent mails downloaded FROM server being wiped OFF server

  VoG II 19:11 16 Jun 07

Why didn't I think of that...

  p;3 19:19 16 Jun 07

cos you are u and I am me ::))

using different methods to solve puzzles

sometimes a solution to an apparent problem is that dam simple ; at times people look for a complicated solution;

think 'basic'....


  twicklad 12:24 17 Jun 07

Have just tried to forward one mail from OE to my BT and it works a treat (except the sender's name is of course changed to my name).
Cannot find 'Leave a copy of mail etc' in OE Options but I do have a faint memory of seeing this option way back. Any further help?

  Awestruck 12:32 17 Jun 07

I am a computer technician, one of my clients has a startup message saying her copy of Windows XP Pro is possibly a counterfeit. This is crazy as her computer has Windows Home edition installed. I can't find a telephone number for MS UK. So please, how can I sort this out with Microsoft?



  beeuuem 13:01 17 Jun 07

In OE go to Accounts > Properties > advanced tab to see 'Leave a copy of message on server' box.

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