Outlook Express

  Mistydi 16:18 07 Apr 04

I cannot open many of the listings in the toolbar. When I try to open Block Sender I cannot as it is greyed out as are most of the other items. Please can someone help. I have tried re-installing without success. Di

  Stuartli 16:27 07 Apr 04

Are you trying to reach it via Message Rules?

  Mistydi 16:42 07 Apr 04

Thankyou. No I am going through Tools. Everything in that list is greyed out

  Mistydi 16:52 07 Apr 04

I made a mistake. I cannot open anything in 'Messages' apart from ' New Message' and 'Messages Using' All the rest are greyed out as are many in other columns too!

  ened 16:56 07 Apr 04

I might have missed the point here but
Do you have a message open when you are trying to use the message tab?
If you open your inbox and select a message you will find they are not greyed out.

  Mistydi 17:03 07 Apr 04

Brilliant!! Many thanks. Obviously I was trying to 'Block Sender' without any emails in my box.

  Stuartli 17:35 07 Apr 04

Then you would have reached it through Message Rules...:-)

Re the points mentioned above, I always have the Preview Pane disabled as it can allow a virus to be set free merely by clicking on an infected e-mail.

Even so, with just the list of e-mails (i.e. none open or highlighted), I can open Message Rules and Blocked Senders (OE6).

However, I see you appear to have solve the problem but I would suggest that you permanently disable Preview Pane if it is enabled.

You can still safely view e-mails by highlighting them with one click, right clicking the line and then Properties to view the source and the actual message.

If in any doubt click Cancel to return to the e-mail and then immediately, whilst still highlighted, Delete it using the Tool Bar Delete button.

  ened 17:50 07 Apr 04

I keep the box in Security - Do not allow attachments..... ticked as I thought the problems infiltrated the machine through attachments.
Are you suggesting virus etc can get in through the text?

  GaT7 18:04 07 Apr 04

Yes, it can through malicious scripts I think. But as long as you have script-blocking enabled in your firewall/antivirus program you should be OK - please someone correct me if I'm wrong! As Stuartli suggests the safest option is to keep the preview pane permanently disabled.

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