Outlook - emails will open, but contained links will not.

  Diemmess 18 Oct 12

  Woolwell 18 Oct 12

This may be relevant MS Support article

You didn't state which version of Outlook or what message if any you get.

  Diemmess 18 Oct 12

Sorry for a wrong button start!!!

Elderly friend XP, lives miles away has had a problem with Google Chrome. Didn't like it (not clear why overwhelmed he said), removed it and used system restore, though in which order I'm not clear.

After a lot of telephone chat the problem seems to be that in Outlook he can use email in or out as normal email, but links no longer work for him.

I have over the years used AOL, BT Yahoo and Chrome, so am at a loss to help him.

  Woolwell 18 Oct 12

It is possible that the removal of Chrome may have caused some registry errors/changes. The link contains a fixit tool which resets it.

Has the friend moved back to IE, is this now the default and have the IE internet options settings been reset?

  Diemmess 18 Oct 12

Thanks Woolwell

A little frustrating talking with him when neither of us seem to understand what the other is saying!

Your link looks like just the thing. If I take him through it by phone is there a possibility that it will make things worse, though it doesn't look like it.

  Sea Urchin 18 Oct 12

Before trying the reset link it is worth getting him to open Internet Explorer - click on the Tools menu - then select Internet Options and then the Programs tab. Then check that Internet Explorer is the default web browser. If not then click Make Default - then Apply and OK.

  Diemmess 18 Oct 12

Just come off the phone flushed withe success

Sea Urchin thanks for your method, it obviously had to be tried first, but the default box was already ticked and no change.

Woolwell Thanks for the link to FiX the wretched thing. It took him "all round the Wrekin" but while turning blue with breath holding it took extra time to reboot, but is now as he wants - D.G.

  Woolwell 18 Oct 12

Good news. Thanks for the feedback.


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