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  ArrGee 14:29 23 Oct 06

My last pc died from a motherboard problem at the weekend, so it has now been replaced with a nice new gleeming bit of kit.

Fortunately I have retrieved all my documents/applications by plugging in the old drive into a USB adaptor.

However, I need some help with finding the e-mails that I had in Outlook.

I basically need to get my e-mails onto the new machine, but I don't know how I go about it.

Any help much appreciated.

  anskyber 14:33 23 Oct 06
  Taff™ 14:35 23 Oct 06

Do you mean Outlook or Outlook Express? The former keeps everything in a .PST file whilst mail in OE is in .DBX files.

  Taff™ 14:36 23 Oct 06

Beat me to it - good link too!

  ArrGee 14:40 23 Oct 06

Thanks for the very quick response peeps, but am I missing something here?

This site mentioned by anskyber seems to involve exporting first and then importing. However, I cannot export because the pc that the mails were on is fried. I just have the old hard drive.

  ArrGee 14:45 23 Oct 06

It's Outlook, not Express

  jolorna 14:54 23 Oct 06

^ for referance

  Taff™ 15:51 23 Oct 06

Ok Search the old drive for files called *.pst and hopefully you`ll recognise your old PST folder. Copy this to a location on your new drive. Open Outlook on your computer and go to File>Import & Export and select "Import from another Program or File" scroll down the next page options and select "Personal Folder File (.pst)" It should be easy from there!

  ArrGee 17:14 23 Oct 06

Had a search around, and the only file that comes up as a .pst is a file called Outlook Archive. This is only 265kb. I have around 2000 emails with numerous attachments, so 265kb is way too small.

However, I did try and import this to see what happens. Only the folders I originally had were imported, but the folders are empty.

Any more ideas anyone?

  ArrGee 18:21 23 Oct 06

Is there any other file type that I should be looking for on the old drive?

  igr 20:50 23 Oct 06

go to: My Computer/tools/view and tick the 'show hidden files' button

Then go to :documents and settings/'your folder name'/local settings/application data/microsoft/outlook and you will see the pst files. Either copy them on to the same sub folder on the new drive to replace the new drive versions of the same files or copy the main file and do the import routine from the current version of Outlook

That should work

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