Outlook Calendar Reminders

  Chris the Ancient 09:50 28 Jan 11

Running Office XP Pro in Win XP SP3.

I thought, but may well be wrong, that in the past that I had set up Outlook so that I would get appointment reminders pop up even when Outlook wasn't open. But I can't find a way of doing it since I had a reload.

Is my memory playing me up (quite possible) or am I missing some setting?

  Clapton is God 10:24 28 Jan 11

I think your memory's playing up. If Outlook isn't running it won't produce reminders

  QuizMan 10:28 28 Jan 11

So far as I know, this was a feature in the calendar version within Microsoft Works, but not in Office/Outlook.

  Chris the Ancient 10:33 28 Jan 11

What I was worried about. Darned grey cells! They're getting addled with my advancing years. My memory isn't what it was :-((

Now, what was my question? ;-))

Oh yes... I thought your answer was going to be the correct one. P'raps I ought to put Outlook in my Start Up folder to start it minimised.

In the old days, when I had loads of appointments reminders and tasks, I used to open Outlook as an automatic part of the day because there was always something. But now appointments etc. are few and far between, I can easily forget... now what was it I tend to forget...



  Chris the Ancient 10:35 28 Jan 11

You must have posted while I was writing.

But thanks for reinforcing the feelings.

  Clapton is God 13:47 28 Jan 11

I use Outlook both at home and in the office and I have it in the Startup folder at both places so, as you say, it opens as soon as I fire up the PC.

  Chris the Ancient 14:16 28 Jan 11

As an aside (I've not got that far yet - other things in hand), do you start it maximised or minimised; and if minimized, how?

  Clapton is God 15:29 28 Jan 11

By default it starts maximised and I've never found any way to change that.

However, you can change the default view when it opens (Calendar, Inbox, Contacts, etc) by clicking on Tools; Options; Other and, under General, choose Advanced Options.

  Woolwell 18:10 28 Jan 11

You can get reminders without Outlook actually open on your desktop but with it running in the background. click here. However it will of course be using up system resources as if open.

  Woolwell 18:16 28 Jan 11

How to start it minimised click here

  Chris the Ancient 10:13 29 Jan 11

Sorry for the delay... only just got to the pc.

Many, many thanks for that link. Busy at the moment; but I will action it this afternoon. I will print it out for next time I need to do a reload as well.

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