Outlook alternative

  montyburns 17:22 02 Jan 06

Can anyone recommend an alternative to Outlook for syncing an iPAQ?

Don't really like Outlook for email (perfectly happy with Outlook Express) but would be happy to use Outlook if it worked OK.

Maybe it's me, but it never seems to sync properly (I've been using it for a while with my SE P900 phone) It doesn't keep the right things in the right place, over-writes stuff I don't want it to, loses information etc (and I have the set up right I'm sure) Also, doesn't seem to do Calendar stuff at all...

So I need an alternative, that will do what I want it to, just for Contacts and Calendar info really

Any advice appreciated!

  ade.h 20:58 02 Jan 06

If sync features are going to be built into the forthcoming Mozilla alternative, then maybe you could wait for that. I don't know much about it at this early stage.

  montyburns 23:47 02 Jan 06

Thanks for the suggestion, but I don't think I'll be changing from IE...

Just need an app that'll let me sync stuff... (ideally a free one!)

  kro 23:50 02 Jan 06

Thunderbird click here
not Firefox

  ade.h 16:46 03 Jan 06

I DO NOT mean Thunderbird folks!!!

That is an email client and has been already available for ages!

Mozilla is soon to be launching a new product - the name of which escapes me right now and may well change before launch anyway - and it is a contact manager/scheduler. Like Outlook, but simpler and without the email facility. It may be standalone or it may install as part of Thunderbird.

It is not even a Beta Release candidate yet, so details are sketchy.

Could be very good though...

  montyburns 17:43 03 Jan 06

Sounds interesting, but anything available now?

Best Contact Manager software I ever had was something from DataBecker which cost £9.99 inc cable from Lidl!

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