Outlook 97 - Profile password forgotten

  Tj_El 23:52 25 Jun 03


On my other PC running 98SE, I have put a password against my Microsoft Outlook profile.... and now I can't remember it... :-(

I did a search here but it only yielded results relating to Outlook Express... is there a way I can get back into this profile? I did not set it to 'Save the password' :-(



  seedie 08:41 26 Jun 03

search google for snadboy's revelation v2


  Tj_El 23:55 28 Jun 03

Hi seedie,

Done that... site looks dodgy... well the link comes up as:

http :// ilaclama.sitemynet.com / trojan.htm
(minus the spaces)

A trojan?.....

  Tj_El 23:59 28 Jun 03

Ignore above comment... done a 'proper' search and got better results.... Google huh? :-))

  monkeyshine 00:07 29 Jun 03

I think Revelation will only decypher passwords if they are there as asterisks?

  Tj_El 00:12 29 Jun 03

monkeyshine you're quite right..!

I installed and thought ..uh-oh, this isn't gonna do what I require.

Drat! Back to the drawing board. >:-o!!!

Any one else have a solution?

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